Collagen Promoting Smoothie


Plant Power

Aging is linked in part to the depletion of collagen cells in the skin. Although studies have struggled to be able to prove the link between how diet can increase the production of collagen, it is my personal belief that the power of plants, fruits, and vegetables absolutely plays a vital role in aiding the skin to look its most radiant best at any age. Raw ingredients tend to generally contain the highest nutrient values, another reason to opt for a smoothie in the morning.

Better Quality Organic and local ingredients.

I always use ingredients that I have on hand in the fridge for my morning smoothies and try to buy seasonal, organic, and local whenever possible. The taste is usually better, and the nutrient content higher than that of regular fruits and veg.
Feel free to substitute the green veggies with what you have at home already like I did. Kale, chard, and dandelion greens are also great options.
Use whatever citrus fruit you have on hand. Lime, lemon, or orange are all fine.

Collagen Synthesizing Ingredients

Apple and citrus fruit are used to make this drink palatable but more importantly, the ingredients below were selected because they contain some of the highest concentrations of vitamins and minerals necessary to help improve the skin’s collagen production rate.


This makes enough for my whole family about 64 ounces or 8 standard cups. I will gulp down at least 4 cups alone but feel free to reduce the amount by half if only making it for yourself. It will take about 5-10 minutes to make depending on your knife skills.


1 CucumberPeeled
1SpinachBig Handful
1Large AppleCored and cut into rough segments
3-4Mini Carrots Peeled
5Plum Tomatoes
1Lime, Orange or Lemon Mine came from the tree outside it’s a hybrid of the 3 cut in half and remove peel and pips.
1Celery StickCut in half
3-4BroccoliA handful of small florets
1/2Flax Seeds 1/2 a shot glass
6-7Water6-7 Cups Pure Cold

A Vitamix or Blendtec blender recommended.

Nina Popova
Nina Popova

These are my suggestions. I am currently using the  Red one on the left (Vitamix 5200)

Vitamix 5200 Blender
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Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender
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Place all ingredients in the blender, cover with cold water 
Be sure to place the top on correctly and turn on the blender, gradually increase the speed to the blender’s highest option.
Blend on high for a total of 30/40 seconds and you’re done.

Ingredient Benefit List

Broccoli, Spinach, and Cucumber
These vegetables contain chlorophyll, the molecule responsible for giving plants their green pigment.
Chlorophyll rich foods have been shown to elevate a precursor for collagen synthesis called procollagen. It has the potential to help fend off aging caused by free radicals, sun damage, and environmental toxins.
Vitamin C is restorative and reparative. It can be found in a variety of citrus fruits. It has the ability to connect amino acids like proline. These amino acids are an essential component for the pre collagen production phase.
Rich in lycopene this is the antioxidant mainly responsible for protecting the skin from UV damage that can cause collagen breakdown. They are also loaded with lots of vitamin C
A fantastic source of omega 3 essential fatty acids and vitamin E. Studies have shown that the properties in avocados prevent the oxidization process that contributes to aging, and also protect the skin from environmental stressors that break down its natural collagen levels in the first place.
Contain high levels of vitamin A, which not only help maintain the skin’s elasticity levels but also aid in creating the right cellular environment to help advance skin collagen levels.
Flax seeds
An easy add-in to any smoothie, they do not change the drink’s flavor massively, but due to their high content of omega 3’s they also are thought to stimulate collagen production levels.
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