Helene Bergbauer


Helene Bergbauer is an internationally recognized cosmetic trainer, esthetician, owner of “The Face of Paris”, and beauty educator from France, delivering over 25 years of age-defying strategies to clients and beauty specialists alike.
She talks about the products you need to set up a basic skincare routine and also discusses how to maximize results from your skincare routine by highlighting products and ingredients to include and avoid. Her concept is based upon the French philosophy of beauty, which also incorporates the art of stress management through relaxation, and treating the skin as an organ and from within. The difference between luxury and generic cosmetics is also touched upon, she also defines why a toner is important.
In this video, you can find additionally some general recommendations regarding basic product necessities for mature dry skin, and tips for men also. Using the cleanest products possible is considered essential. Maintaining a simple skincare routine, managing stress, and maintaining your physical health through prioritizing relaxation and diet, remain the classic keys to fending off not only premature aging but diseases of all kinds.
Helene Bergbauer – The Face of Paris:

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