Is Makeup that Important?

Makeup is such  a rudimentary term for such a transforming category of products. Textures of creams,  powders, and colors of all hues, that when applied properly make us physically look better with them than au natural.  For centuries makeup has been an important part of human culture, the evolution of its application process continues to grow and inspire us, even more so today than ever before.

Brilliant really……I think most of us want to feel good as often as possible, and psychologically speaking, when we look good we feel good. When we feel good we are content and confident.  These emotions help us lead happier lives.

I feel as if makeup should have a far more extraordinary name, that gives credit to the fact that it not only enhances the beauty of a face, but when applied correctly has the ability to create magic within a women’s perception of herself. I love nothing more than to see the look on her face when she sees herself for the first time with a proper makeup application, it’s priceless.

Having the skills necessary to make yourself look and feel your best are so important in todays world. Makeup works with the mind to bring empowerment to the user…. plus it forces us to use our imagination. If you can allow yourself to have an open mind, through the ever changing process of self discovery, makeup is one of the most powerful tools we have to express our unique individuality and style.

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